Youth is the future for BMT Drive Solutions

13 May, 2020

Whoever has youth, holds the key to the future. That’s a statement we truly live by. Indeed, we invest a lot of time in cooperations with universities and technical schools. For instance, both in our IGW plant in Romania as in VCST Reichenbach, there are different programmes in place to attract young people to our international group. From open doors events to apprenticeship programmes, BMT Drive Solutions does its utmost to guarantee the future.


Open doors in Romania


In order to show eventual future colleagues how we work, the people at IGW Romania decided to organise open doors days during which they welcomed students from universities and technical schools. Last year, this day was very succesful as more than 100 visitors were welcomed, given a company tour and found out more about our processes and ways of working.


Our colleagues in Romania found that these days are mutually beneficial. Obviously, there is the occasion to show students what job opportunities and availabilities they have. Seeing the things they learned in the classroom converted into practice was very valuable for them.


Then again, it is a good way for us to gain new viewpoints on certain matters and exchange ideas with external people. On top of that, the open doors day was a very positive experience for our operators as they were asked many questions by the visitors and felt great pride at being able to explain their ways of working. Due to coronavirus guidelines, this year’s edition has off course been postponed. Nevertheless, we are hopeful of organising an event that is in compliance with the guidelines.



Apprenticeships in Germany


Our colleagues at VCST Reichenbach do things differently as they offer two different options. Firstly, there is the possibility to take an apprenticeship when students have finished the 10th grade in secondary school. In this program, they are hired as an apprentice for a period of around 3 years. During this period there is a balance between school education and practical education at the plant. As the years go by, the practical part becomes more prominent. At the end of the apprenticeship, the graduates earn a skilled worker certificate.


The second option is for students who have finished the 12th grade of secondary school and takes exactly three years. During these three years they follow a regime of 3 months of theory and 3 months of practice which alternate each other. At the end of the program, they will have obtained a Bachelor’s degree in digital engineering.


Our colleagues in Germany are very positive about these programs as they provide an excellent way to see whether students are a good match with the company. In an era in which it’s difficult to find the right, skilled people, these programs provide a very good way to attract young, motivated people and to gather new input and fresh ideas.



Events such as open doors days or apprenticeship programmes are a great way to attract young people who are eager to see how we apply the theory into practice. They experience first hand how we meet our high standards and help us to push them even higher. Are you interested in an exciting career with BMT Drive Solutions? Then be sure to take a look on our job site! If you don’t find any relevant vacancies for you, you can always apply spontaneously.