Season’s greetings from BMT Drive Solutions!

31 January, 2020

It truly is the season to be jolly! All over the world, people got together to celebrate a fantastic Christmas. And of course, at BMT Drive Solutions, we like to take care of our big family. Discover below how our colleagues at our Czech, US and Indian plants got into gear and celebrated the most wonderful time of the year.

As we all know, Christmas is about family and bringing people together. It speaks for itself, then, that our Christmas celebrations had to be about uniting the people in our family and combining their strengths. The colleagues at our plant in the US took this quite literally as they went to an escape room. Everyone was divided into four groups who were each given small clues to escape within one hour. Talk of combining strengths to click into gear. After all, we of all companies should know that when you combine strengths efficiently, you can deliver the most reliable solutions.

Happy Christmas faces were also found with our colleagues in Mexico who were all invited to a fancy party with traditional recognition awards.

However, it weren’t just the US and Mexico plants that got busy. Our colleagues in Brno geared up for a great night in a sports bar where they challenged each other in such noble sports as bowling, darts and table football. Next up, we have Romania, who clearly know how to throw a party with dancing and celebrations aplenty. Finally, last but not least, our colleagues in India received a visit from Santa Claus while our people Belgium welcomed a magician to spread some of the Christmas magic.

Although it is clear that all our plants celebrated Christmas in a different way, they also have one thing in common. Everyone had a great time celebrating as one group at a great party. And this sense of unity is what we really value. After all, Christmas reminds us every year how important it is to spend time together. Indeed, through events such as these we can all grow closer together and inspire one another. Because, as we all know, inspired people create inspired, top-end products.