Looking back on a long partnership

7 January, 2021

Being a reliable gear manufacturer means that you constantly strive to deliver the best products. Aside from that, it also means that you are able to maintain long-lasting relationships with your customers. In this article, we want to take the time to put the spotlight on IGW’s long and fruitful partnership with Atlas Copco. Indeed, BMT DS Industry has been producing gears for Atlas Copco since the 1960’s.


Over 65 years of cooperation


1955 sees the creation of Atlas Copco’s Belgian division. This division specialises in the production of rotary compressors. Those compressors were in great demand at the time of the 1958 World Expo in Brussels, where Atlas Copco also presented the first so called oil free rotary compressor. A few years later, gear manufacturer Watteeuw (now part of BMT DS Industry), started to produce rotary compressor gears for Atlas Copco’s Belgian division, the beginning of a long-running partnership. We were able to profile ourselves as a key partner when gear grinding became an important part of the production process.


Furthermore, as a partner who has always been acknowledged for our expertise, we also became involved in the machining of compressor casings for Atlas Copco in the 1980’s. The experience and expertise we built up in this field would later prove extremely valuable for the development of our prismatic parts division. Also, early in the 1980’s, we were asked by Atlas Copco Comptec USA to produce prototype parts for centrifugal compressors. This was the starting point of our in-house gear production with a diameter of up to 1 200 mm.

Keeping it going


In order to ensure that we can keep growing with Atlas Copco, we undertake regular efforts to guarantee our position as a knowledgeable and reliable partner. For instance, we assist them in providing gears that are as light as possible while also maintaining a high quality and performance. Next, we also offer various ways to help reduce noise levels when the compressors are working. Taking into account these challenges as well as the large volumes we deliver to Atlas Copco, we have become highly proficient in the production of compressor gears, both rotary and centrifugal. Of course, as a pioneer, we are also continuously looking ahead to the future, providing our customers with new insights and spurring ourselves on to keep improving as well.


Developing and maintaining a partnership such as this one is done over many years and takes high degrees of involvement and commitment. It goes without saying that we are highly grateful to Atlas Copco for such a long partnership and we are fully committed to keep it going!