I4HR: providing future-fit HR services

12 November, 2020

Behind a reliable gear manufacturer stands a reliable organisation. We already discussed and reported on our analytics cloud helping us to work in a more streamlined way. This time, however, we would like to discuss a big upcoming change in our HR processes. Indeed, we are currently embarking on a new way of working using SAP’s SuccessFactors to better streamline our HR processes.


Meet I4HR


So why the need for a new program? Because we wanted to create what we like to call ‘one version of the truth’. Indeed, the entire BMT Group consists of a total of 5 divisions, each working with great degrees of autonomy. That meant that for every division, we were working with separate spreadsheets, leading to a more complex handling of personnel data. With the introduction of our I4HR project (through using SAP SuccessFactors), we’ll have one universal database for the entire group. This state-of-the-art tool will provide us with the right and accurate data allowing better decision-making



The advantages of that are threefold. First, we will be better prepared for the future by eliminating separate spreadsheets and paperwork. Second, it will further increase transparency in our entire business. Indeed, hiring procedures will be much more straightforward, we’ll have an automated and efficient compensation and benefits process and there will be a transparent reporting structure. Finally, SuccessFactors will also be linked to the career pages of all our divisions, giving applicants the chance familiarise themselves with our ways of working.


We chose SuccessFactors for this project because it is a cloud-based system, meaning that our data is safely stored at all times. Furthermore, the different modules such as Employee Central, Recruiting Management & Marketing, Compensation & Benefit Management will offer us a full overview of all the necessary data to keep our HR department running smoothly.



Welcome on board


As said earlier, working with SAP SuccessFactors is set to simplify and partly automate the recruitment process. Indeed, the approval flows of several steps in that process will go through SuccessFactors which will speed it up. Streamlining, configurating and testing this required the dedicated work of several people in our global organisation. It goes without saying that we are very grateful for the fantastic work that they have accomplished.


Ready to launch


As we are bracing for the full go-live of I4HR, we are very excited to see it used in real life. After all, we feel that there is a solid base for this as it will only further facilitate the working of the HR department for our entire group. The great dynamic created by efficient teamwork has been the main driving factor for I4HR. After all, several colleagues were consulted throughout the entire process and they will in turn teach their colleagues how to use the new system.