Building strong teams at BMT Drive Solutions!

6 February, 2020

At BMT Drive Solutions, we strongly believe that good, dependable products can only be created by committed and united employees. In order to enhance commitment and unity among our colleagues, we regularly organise great events at our plants all over the world. Discover below how our colleagues in China, Mexico and Romania spent our inspiring and fun family days and teambuilding sessions.


Fun Family Days


We really know how to keep motivating each other even further. For us, family days are the perfect opportunities to show how important every single individual is in our great organisation. And who better to show that to than their close ones?


A typical family day at our plant in Romania is about fun and relaxing. Around 800 people are able to participate in events in which everyone can find something to their liking. Think bouncy castles and balloon art for the little ones while our colleagues and their guests enjoy a game of football or twister while listening to some relaxing music.




Building Great Teams


Aside from motivating our employees through inspiring family days, we also organise teambuilding days. These events are great ways to integrate new employees and increase collaboration among them. Also, teambuilding days allow for our colleagues to see a different side of one another as well as get in touch with people from other departments. Because, as we all know, knowing your colleagues through and through is the key to an efficient organisation.


Our colleagues in Romania clearly had great fun building relationships and bonding with one another. They engaged in all sorts of activities from a blindfolded trust march and construction exercises to group coordination tests.


Our colleagues in Mexico have been organising team building days for a good number of years now. Usually, around 450 people get together to make our company an even more close-knit family. Their favourite activity last time around was a paperboard car rally. Everyone was divided into teams who each had a different material (paint, paper, scissors or glue) and they had to negotiate with one another to obtain the materials required. At the end, one car per team was entered in a rally.

In short, it’s safe to say that we can consider ourselves one big family. A family that continuously strives for more unity and more cooperation to obtain effective results and produce the reliable products that our clients expect from us!