Another successful analytics conference

17 December, 2020

As we’ve already discussed a few times before, BMT Drive Solutions and the entire BMT Group, for that matter, want to become a more data-driven company. Naturally, for that we need reliable and qualitative information to make the right decisions. That’s why we have set up our analytics framework, to have the same, correct input for everyone at any time. Also, to optimise data reporting, we organise analytics conferences twice a year. Last week, the second one of this year was organised.


Conference in times of covid


Naturally, due to the current global health crisis, it is impossible to organise a physical event indoors for dozens of people. That’s why, just as we did in June, we organised a live event via Microsoft Teams. Despite the lack of personal contact and direct interaction, we were able to make this a pleasant and informative conference.

Indeed, as we’ve said before, the goal of these conferences is to provide knowledge and encourage experience sharing for key members from the analytics community. They, in turn, spread the knowledge to other people in our organisation to ensure that the correct information is always shared with the correct people. Ultimately, this allows the divisions of the BMT Group to learn from one another and to form a clear idea of what others are doing. Of course, the latter would be facilitated by an actual physical conference and that’s why we are excitedly waiting for the moment when physical meetings can take place once more.


What did we talk about?


During the two-and-a-half hour meeting, we discussed a wide array of topics. First and foremost, we invited our colleagues from the Finance department to go into detail about the first content week, organised recently, that had finance as its scope. The improvements in their data reporting were discussed as well as the advantages they have reaped from them.


Next, we provided an update on our whole analytics framework; from our vision on analytics and our value proposition as the analytics team to the novelties and the next steps to take. For example, we have added increased functionality to our analytics landscape by providing an overarching portal, mobile access and some new features. As far as next steps are concerned, we are currently setting up a cascading system in our group reporting allowing information to flow from the top of the group down to individual plants.



A novelty this time around was the Bizz Talk session in which a representative from a certain business line within our group provides some basic info of that specific business line such as facts and figures, the products made and the markets that are supplied. Additionally, they also highlight the data reporting challenges they encounter and reveal how our analytics set-up is already bringing them advantages. In this first Bizz Talk session, the business line Rail took centre stage.


In the end, we can look back on a successful and fulfilling conference in which we shared and gained some valuable insights. And that is the ultimate goal of these conferences and also our wider approach to analytics; namely to stimulate interaction and harmonisation across divisions. We are already looking forward to the next conference, scheduled for halfway through 2021 when we hopefully won’t have to talk to our screens anymore.