A welcome aid in times of a pandemic

28 October, 2020

In what way and to what extent does the coronavirus pandemic affect businesses worldwide? For a diverse and world-wide organisation such as BMT Group, it’s a difficult question to answer. Luckily, we have recently developed an application that has made that question easier. The application operates in our very own analytics environment and shows us once more the advantages of our continuing drive for digitisation.


Keeping a close eye on the situation


Designated colleagues per division provide an update on the number of infections and the colleagues that are in quarantine or working from home plus possible impact on key customers or suppliers. Their data is entered into the follow-up application, which then allows us to update the status of each plant. That status can vary from fully active or active with certain measures in place to shut down. Fortunately, the only instances where we had to shut down plants was when we were asked to do so because of government measures.


Setting up this application and integrating it into our larger analytics environment was done very swiftly. The whole process was completed in just two days. This has highlighted our ability to move quickly in demanding situations. Thanks to this application we are now able to better monitor trends in terms of the number of infections and quarantine cases. Also, we are able to determine where the impact of the virus is the biggest.



Respect the local measures


Fortunately, each of our plants worldwide has found efficient ways of dealing with this pandemic, all within the local health measures. Some of those measures include keeping the teams that work in different shifts strictly separated. Meanwhile other plants have also installed different entry and exit points for the staff. It’s the combination of these measures and the follow-up application that will help us to deal with and diminish this pandemic. After all, we’re all in this together.