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Our hard teamwork is rewarded

A pandemic has changed our day-to-day lives and will leave a significant impact. However, in the face of this downturn, every member of the BMT Dri...

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Optimising through Six Sigma in Romania

Our ambition to remain the most reliable partner for our customers means that, among other things, we have to strive to constantly optimise our way...

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Introducing MinErva: ready to propel us into the future

The last few years have shown us that the shift towards electrification in the automotive world is in full tilt. What’s more, the EV market seems t...

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Excitement all around in India

At BMT Drive Solutions, we are always moving forth, always looking for the next challenge and for new opportunities to demonstrate our expertise. O...

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Driving up the heat in our China plant

As many of our customers know, we are a full service provider. Every day, we strive and search for ways to further optimise the service and gears w...

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Discover our new bi-directional mechanical oil pump

BMT drive solutions released its bi-directional mechanical oil pump for multi-speed and planetary e-Drives

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