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Cooperation across plants at VCST

In order to ensure a smooth handling of Project Edison, an operator from Mexico, Manuel Ramirez, came to our plant in Sint-Truiden to learn about s...

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Smart Factory: using data to keep advancing

We, together with our consulting partner AdUltima, were given the opportunity to elaborate on Smart Factory in a recent webcast, organised by PTC, ...

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Four in a row for IGW in Suzhou

We appreciate compliments for a job well done just as much as anyone. That confirmation and sense of accomplishment grows even more when you win di...

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We strive for continuous improvement

The only way to remain at the head of the queue is by constantly moving forward. In order to do that, we attach a lot of importance to continuous i...

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VCST Mexico embraces the future

Change is all around us, it allows us to progress not just as humans but also as a company. In these modern times, electrification is rife, in car ...

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An important baptism by fire for IGW in Brno

Apart from producing high-quality gearboxes, we also strive to be a dependable full-service provider within the rail market. That means we are capa...

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Exploring our origins at IGW

In order to find out where we are going as a company, it is important to consider where we come from. Indeed, knowing your origins will give you a ...

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And the gold goes to… VCST Mexico!

At VCST, we pride ourselves on the quality of the gears we make. When our clients come to us, they know that they can expect us to deliver exactly ...

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