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Excitement all around in India

At BMT Drive Solutions, we are always moving forth, always looking for the next challenge and for new opportunities to demonstrate our expertise. O...

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Driving up the heat in our China plant

As many of our customers know, we are a full service provider. Every day, we strive and search for ways to further optimise the service and gears w...

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The future is electric

We are convinced of the growing need to invest in electrification. At the same time, we are very aware of the contribution we can make to this grow...

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IGW welcomes two new additions

New machines mean that we work with the newest technology and that we’re able to take on any job that our customers demand from us. At our IGW plan...

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Data makes our group go round

A while back, we announced the roll-out of a new analytics hub for the entire BMT Group. The aim of this hub is to evolve towards more data-driven ...

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Cooperation across plants at VCST

In order to ensure a smooth handling of Project Edison, an operator from Mexico, Manuel Ramirez, came to our plant in Sint-Truiden to learn about s...

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