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Family matters at IGW

Happy, committed employees are the keys to success for any business. At IGW, we realise this better than anyone and as a consequence, we do everyth...

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Youth is the future for BMT Drive Solutions

Whoever has youth, holds the key to the future. That’s a statement we truly live by. Indeed, we invest a lot of time in cooperations with universit...

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IGW carries on in challenging times

At this moment, coronavirus has brought the world to a bit of a standstill. This also has an effect on many companies who are forced to reduce thei...

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Allowing talent to grow at IGW

At IGW, we know that good investment is key. We especially like to invest in young, talented people with a clear vision for the future and a bright...

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Gaining new insights at the BMT Group

Data and, more specifically, big data are becoming increasingly important in today’s world. They provide tremendous amounts of information and can ...

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Exciting times for IGW US

For our IGW colleagues in the US, these are promising times. Indeed, they have secured a number of new projects that will allow our company to exte...

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